At hydrotherapy, the physiotherapist implements individually-tailored exercises for the management of diseases, disorders, injuries and post-surgical procedures. Hydrotherapy improves strength, joint mobility, function and range of movement; it increases circulation, enhances core stability and reduces pain. It can also restore confidence and improve self-esteem. Hydrotherapy assists balance and provides greater independence for those unable to weight-bear on land.

Enjoy the benefit of small groups in a friendly and supportive environment. Up to six participants per group. One-on-one sessions are also available.

To enrol:

  • book an assessment with our physiotherapist;
  • complete the pre-exercise questionnaire; and
  • provide a letter from your GP stating that you ‘are suitable to participate in hydrotherapy’.

Contact us to book the initial assessment with a physiotherapist.


6.45 amHydrotherapyHydrotherapy
1.15 pmHydrotherapyHydrotherapy


  • $39 – casual visit
  • $360 – 10 visit card (valid for 5 weeks)
  • $99 – initial assessment with physiotherapist

Health insurance rebates may apply.