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Get Set Go! (Australia) conducts a variety of recreational programs for children.

Programs promote the Get Set & Go! objectives . Examples include:

  • Initiative, Innovative & Co-operative Games: An alternative to skill development, whereby children develop life skills (eg. trust, initiative, team building, co-operation, problem-solving and communication), where success is determined by the group's ability to work together. Great for multi-age and somewhat challenging for all ages.
  • Little equipment games: Fast moving activities that promote age appropriate challenges & high participation. As the name suggests, they require little equipment & organisation.  Children never tire of these games - they will play them over & over again.
  • Themed games: Great games for all ages in the lead-up to Christmas, Easter or other special events, eg. "Santa Sports", "Easter Eggs-ercise", "Kid's Olympics".
  • 'Combo' games: Great for the older children who are tired of the traditional sports.  GSG strategically modifies the rules of more that one sport to ensure high participation for all children. Games are age appropriate.
  • Aqua-fun: Recreational games & activities modified for the water. Emphasis on fun & co-operation. Skill development programs are available on request, eg. swim coaching, life saving skills with certificates, water polo.
  • Simple ball games: Keep it simple. Ball games with few rules and plenty of action.  Participation for all children. Learn to Play...Just for Fun. Easy to repeat and requires little equipment.
  • Small space games: Co-operative and Initiative Problem Solvers great for rainy days and/or centres with limited space.  Activities that require little equipment or organisation. Great for multi-age groups and challenging for all ages
  • Quick Games: Fast moving activities that promote fun, high participation and age appropriate challenges.  Simple games that children adopt as their 'Favourites".


All games are appropriate for all ages & abilities, however the suggestions below have proved popular among the age groups indicated.

Ideas for challenging the following age groups:

  • 5-7 years: Little equipment games, themed games, skill development, hand-eye, foot-eye co-ordination, locomotor. Developing positive experiences through high participation & enjoyment.
  • 8-10 years: Sporting skills, 'Innovative, Initiative & Co-operative' games, general games and recreation, particularly trust activities, and hockey &sof-crosse skills
  • 11+ years: 'Combo' games, 'Innovative, Initiative & Co-operative' games. Enables older children to challenge their problem solving & leadership skills.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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